Our next sermon and study series – The Book of Judges

Dear all, as you know, yesterday we concluded our series on spiritual gifts “Everyone has a part”.

Starting next Sunday, we will begin a new series in the Book of Judges. It is the story of many flawed individuals that live in a flawed society, a picture not at all different from the individuals and judges_overview_biblethe society that we live in today.

The Book of Judges proves once more that the Bible is not a book of nice stories about nice people. It

is a realistic book, a history book, a book by an about the real God, the God who through the whole story shows relentless love to people who do not deserve it. He is the God that “rescues people from the consequences of their own flaws and failings”.

This book portrays a society that provides the individual with a large spectrum of alternative “gods”, a society so much like the one today, where wealth, celebrity, ideologies, achievements and so many other things, even “good things”, become idols in people’s hearts and lives.

All of the above and more, are reasons for which we need the Book of Judges.

We hope to see you there Sunday, at 5, and on Tuesday or Wednesday in our small groups.